Thursday, December 28, 2006

mid week ramblings..

Thursday today already wow the week just flies when your busy. Last night we had dinner with my mom and dad and sister we had to celebrate my dad's birthday from the end of November and my mom's birthday which is in December. I made them each fleece tie blanket one for my dad with sailboats and one for my mom with roses on the fabric. They loved them those blankets are the best for watching tv or movies snuggled up on the couch. We have two and I need to make another one three little boys always steal "mine"..just means we all snuggle under it and I love that.

I don't know about other boys but my boys sure love to snuggle my oldest is a diehard momma's boy although he'd never admit in public our middle son is a tweener I call him sometimes a momma's boy but a lot of the time a daddy's boy. Our little guy who's two is a die hard daddy's boy when my hubby went to a football game on Sunday Roman kept asking and looking all over for his daddy all daayyyyy long. I told hubby when he goes on a business trip here in a month I'm packing Roman in his duffel bag with him. Poor little guy is going to miss his daddy terrible. Where was I going with all this oh yes suggling my boys love to snuggle with us when we watch movies, or read a book etc. It's great. I take advantage of with it with my 10 year old because very soon the tables will be switched and he won't want to anymore. I'm starting to get scared of the teenager years anyone else? I wish I could freeze them as they are now oh well they must grow as my Kaleb always tells me I have to grow mom...

The boys got to go away with my parents each alone for a little while yesterday Kaleb went bowling and Lucas got to see my dad's work. They both really enjoyed spending time with their grandparents alone it's so nice they get to do that. My daddyo is retiring this year and I think it will be great my boys will get to spend a lot more time with them then. I think Kaleb will really miss Mr. H this spring more since that's when they always came home from their winter home and I'm so happy he can hang out with my dad more than. My dad has got projects in the woods etc. for them at their new house so sounds like they can stay busy for awhile with him and get some good grandpa time in.

Well my ramblings today are quite long...hahah...for those of you who know me your not suprised..The boys and I are going to go swimming this morning at the Y they are so pumped should be fun..well off to the pool.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Getting back to normal...

Well after a somewhat hectic weekend we are all somewhat albeit slowly getting back into the groove of things. We don't even celebrate Christmas and it was a busy weekend ah well it was nice visiting with old friends we haven't seen in awhile. Hubby and I took the boys to see "Night at the Museum" yesterday it was a really good movie and quite funny to. I forgot how exspensive it is to take a family of five to the movie theather...yikes..guess that's why we don't do that to often I always have coupons for the movies but becuase that movie was a new release they weren't accepting any other passes or discounts oh well sometimes I guess you have to splurge. So today we are majorly cleaning house it's really not to bad but I've got a mountain of laundry to be done and need to get the house back in order. My sister is in town as well as my dad is on vacation so they want to take the boys each by themselves one day and spend time with them which is so nice the boys love that one on one time with their grandparents. Well guess that's about all for today let the cleaning begin....

Thursday, December 21, 2006

pic's of house

These are the houses the boys made the other day aren't they cute! Kaleb looks like he's in pain I promise he wasn't..heehee..:)

hard to be a parent sometimes...

Today was the funeral for Mr. H, hubby and I agreed it was one of the best ones we've been to. It was so nicely done he was quite an extraordinary man he will be greatly missed. We did take the older two boys they had never been to a funeral before. Kaleb kept thinking he was just done to their other house lucas understood I think. They saw him in the casket and then I think Kaleb got it on the way home he said Mr H. is in heaven mom just matter of fact so I think he understands now. We had a hard time deciding if we should take them or not they both wanted to go but as a parent it's one of those things that's hard to say if they should go or not. There's really no right or wrong answer but I'm so glad we did they have a better understanding of death and I think it's something kids do need to experience and understand if possible it's a part of life. Maybe they'll be prepared a little bit for when someone really close to them like a grandparent dies. Being a parent is so hard sometimes but with God's grace and wisdom it's so much easier. Mrs. H was so happy the boys were there so I was then really glad we brought them. Thanx to those who gave me their opinion on the matter!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The gift of a friend

It is with a sad heart that I write our dear friend and neighbor Mr. H. passed away yesterday. He and his wife have been one of the best neighbors we've ever had. Mr. H was a friend and great Mentor to our son's especially our Kaleb. He was a kind and gentle man always willing to "play" with Kaleb. Every spring he'd take Kaleb out to look at the pear tree in his yard almost daily they looked at that tree. His love for children and his patience for them was an endearing quality. Kaleb would knock on his door daily to see if he could come out and "play" mind you Mr. H was 80 and he'd always take the time to at least walk around the yard with Kaleb to talk or sometimes they'd have things to do together. How I wish I had written down some of the wisdom he shared with Kaleb. He would discuss the bible with Lucas our oldest and give out candy to them both. When Roman was born he got tears in his eyes when holding him and said he loved children and I know that holding our newborn was the best part of his day that day. He was a Christian man who shared so much with our kids, just being a friend and mentor. If every young boy or child for that matter had a Mr. H in their lives to mentor them for even a short period of time how enriched that childs life would be. I pray that Kaleb and Lucas remember the time they spent with Mr H. for he taught them so many things and shared his time in a way many elderly people don't these days. His gift of time teaching things and talking, his gift of patience and his gift love have been more than he'll ever know he gave my children.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Frugal Friday

I haven't officially joined on the other website but here's my "gem" for the week. My friend told me about freecycle it's a national website you can join but you join a group in your area. Then when you need something you search the group in your city to see if someone has it and it's free. You can list things and search for things but you have to list them for free and you can get things for free. My friend did a search on boys snowpants and got four people that had some for free the site is

This morning my boys went for their Friday morning classes and came out with a house with glued on cereal and snowman and snow they are so cute I'll try and take a picture and get it on here. Yesterday we made snowflakes and hung them in the front window they are showing the creative spirit here lately. My boys are some of the busiest and spirited guys you'll ever meet but what always amazes me is how long they will sit and color and do art projects. So of course their art class is both their favorite class they have a great teacher ( not me) for it. I have to say they are quite creative give kids some stickers, paper, cardboard and whatever else "junk" you have laying around the house and let them create and walla you have art.

Well I just want to say in case I don't get on tomorrow happy birthday to my mother in law we are very blessed to have you as our mom and you are a wonderful grandmother to all your grandchildren. May God bless you with many more years!! We love you.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well seems like most people have a "theme" sort of to their blogs so here is my theme..boys. I will try to write some ramblings on boys since homeschooling them I get a lot of insight into them. They are so joyful at times and yet so what's the word..confusing at times. Besides our daily life I thought I'd sort of have a use for this blog maybe others will get a kick out my boy basics..:) So here is the thought for today sometimes your kids are better at things than you are..hahaha. Today the boys and I went bowling and I know I'm a terrible bowler but you really get a wake up when your 10 year old bowls better than you do and I'm on a league. A 100 is good for me sometimes, I usually have one good game and two horrible ones but I think my 10 year old would do me proud. Children are such a blessing from the Lord and he's given me three beautiful boys so I hope you enjoy the "theme" of my blog I'll try and post more often.


Posted already today but lost it somewhere in cyberspace I'll wait awhile for it to return to the blog if it doesn't we'll try it sorry if you see the same post twice.

Friday, December 8, 2006

It's Friday...

Yay! I always like Friday's school work is done for the week and it's time for family and just relaxing. The boys and I did go sledding the other day it was kind of slushy but it was still fun. Roman wasn't quite sure about it at first but by the third time down he loved it and was giggling all the way down the hill....that's my little dare devil. Let's see I think it's frugal Friday somewhere in internet land what a great idea. I'm becoming very frugal in my ripe old age it's amazing to me what we used to just spend money on makes me mad I wish I had been smarter. I'm going to try Sharon's windex I think Heloise in the press had a recipe for it once and I meant to make it but never did so I'll try this one out thanx Sharon. I can't say I really have a specific frugal tip that most people don't already know about so I'll just end by saying that I love "Sally's Botique" by us and other thrift stores.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


So last night Lucas had his second basketball game they went into double overtime it was the most exciting game yet. They were so evenly matched in the end they lost but they fought hard for it so it was a good loss. I am so amazed at how much fun elementary games can be they are great I love watching him play. Today the boys have soccer I can't wait for that to be done one more week and then were done forever with soccer...YAY!!!! It's been great for the boys but it's just one more place to run to in an all ready busy week. With homeschooling I'm trying to stay home more but I'm such a wanderer it's hard for me to do. I still end up going somewhere everyday without even trying. Anyone else feel like this. It's usually at 4:00 in the afternoon I go workout or run errands etc. What a snow storm we got yesterday anyone interested in sledding tomorrow? My boys have been begging me to take them so I told them maybe tomorrow we can go. See again so easy to just find something to do ah well keeps life exciting right. Well I've got a math test to give ol Lucas so I better scoot. I"m loving this blogging thing can you all tell:)

Monday, December 4, 2006

Here is lucas at the recent fire station feild trip.

This is Roman cleaning he loves to help his mama gotta love the shoes those are big brothers he's wearing.

Aha, wow I figured out how to put pic's on my page awesome..ok this was a trial picture I know Esther has it on her page but it is so cute so I wanted it on mine to. Notice how my son Kaleb chose to wear the most stained sweatshirt he could find that day needless to say it's now in the garbage it couldn't be saved. They make great firefighters don't they? I'll try a few more pictures now this is so fun...:)!!!

Joing the blogger world..

So here goes nothing my two sisters in law have joined the blogging network so we'll give it a try to. I enjoy reading their posts so maybe someone will enjoy reading mine. Although we lead a very ordinary life it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and family you don't get to see and talk to often. Let's see about me I have three boys..hence the name of the blog page..hahaha...a wonderful hubby... and am a stay at home mom..Like I said real exciting over here..hahahahaha. Well being a stay at home mom I also homeschool my oldest two 10 and 6 of which we are getting a late start on school today because moms on the computer so I'll will post more later.