Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few things from Roman

This is a picture that Roman drew and told me it was Mickey Mouse the letters across the top spell Mickey Mouse he said. I thought it actually resembled Mickey after he told me that.

This is Romans new found favorite thing to do. He learned to ride a without his training wheels about a month ago. We've been taking lots of bike rides to the park, ice cream store, and around the neighborhood. He's getting quite good on it. He loves being able to go fast now like his big brothers.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roman sayings:

Tonight while biking with Roman he says:
"mom, why are you riding next to me"
I said "so I can protect you if a car comes".
He says "God will protect me"..I just love it!

Lot's happening..

Since a friend so kindly pointed out the other day "it's been almost a month since you last posted" I thought I better get back on the blog horse and post some pic's. April was really busy two birthday's in our family etc. etc. The above picture is a bouquet my sweet husband brought home for my on my birthday. He bought me 33 roses for that's how many I turned this year. Their was equal of red, pink and white they were just gorgeous!!

We also had Kaleb's birthday he turned 9 hard to believe quite often I think he's a year older so the fact he's actually a year younger is nice:) He picked death by chocolate as his "cake" this year. I didn't put any candles in for fear they'd melt but he enjoyed his dessert thoroughly.

Sheer delight at the gift he recieved from us and my parents. He's waited a year to get it was a Nintendo DS I kept telling him he wasn't getting one etc.. He was very pleasantly surprised to recieve one. That one tooth smile tells it all! Love you buddy!

Lastly, we had the awards ceremony for basketball. Lucas is the kid in black pants standing on the left of the giant.. That kid is only 13 just 13 and taller than Ben..crazy ..anyway it was a very nice night. Ben is in the blue on the left talking about each child and his brother David is on the right he was the asst. coach. A very nice evening to wrap up the basketball season.