Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family Vacation...Fishing..

Last week we went on our family vacation to a house on a lake. It was gorgeous all week long hot and sunny everyday but this one day the fishing pictures are from. The boys fished their little hearts out just from the dock but they had a blast. They'd be up early every morning and sit out until dark fishing. Over the next few days I'll be posting some pictures of our vacation and things we did. Today's pic's are of fishing.

Here is Lucas and Kaleb on the dock fishing.
Here is Kaleb with his prize fish he caught the biggest one of the week. A Large mouth Bass that was around 17 inches long not to shabby for dock fishing. He was so proud of it I never thought they'd catch anything so large from the dock. Ben's brother David had to help him carry it up and then our uncle cut it up. He was begging to be able to keep it we did and had a fine lunch the next day. Poor uncle Don cut his thumb badly while cutting the fish and ended up getting 6 stitches on the way home. Thanx again uncle Don for cutting that up!
Here's a close up of the Large Mouth Bass. Pretty big eh?
And here is the yummy lunch of bass we had it was quite tasty. I don't like fish but this bass was awesome. It fed all three boys and myself for lunch.
Roman was so happy when he finally caught a fish. This was the first one he caught can you tell how excited he was. Again, assistance from uncle Don was required can you tell who the expert fisherman in our family is?
One of Lucas' fish he had to bring it into the house to show me so I could take a picture. I think we have three up and coming fisherman in the family.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Every year some of my girlfriends and I go camping with all our kids. This year we tried out a new campground and absolutely loved it! We had great weather all week besides one little storm that came through on Wed. night. All the boys had fun making forts in the 90 acres of woods and riding their bikes on the trails. We also went on a hayride and the kids got to feed horses. We did lots of swimming, sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows, playing at the park, playing games and just relaxing.
Here's Roman and his friend these little guys played so good all week long and didn't fight once. Pretty good considering their both four they just had the best time. I just love this picture of them at the pool.
Here's Kaleb in the pool swimming can you tell how many teeth are missing in that cute smile? Four. One on the bottom and three on top one more is loose on the top to. Think he'll have any teeth left:)
On the hayride we stopped to feed some horses this was Romans favorite part of the camping trip. He is such an animal lover.
Lucas and his friends on the hayride his best friend is in the orange shirt. They are the oldest of all the kids and were just so helpful at helping watch all the little ones.
Roman at the pool he's grown so much taller lately he'll be four in a few weeks makes his mama sad:)

Tomorrow we are off on our family vacation. Crazy two weeks I got going on here but it's what I so enjoy just relaxing and spending time with the boys and my hubby!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Almost done..

I am almost done redecorating Roman's room. I painted it quite awhile ago and was waiting to find a good deal on a bed for him. It just happened that friends of ours needed to sell this bed and get bunk beds for their boys. We arranged to get it when their baby was a little older so finally this week Roman got his new bed. He loves it he's been staying in his bed and not coming in our room in the middle of the night to sleep. The cars comforter came with the bed so I took Roman to buy sheets for his new bed and we found some cars sheets on clearance at Meijer. Can't beat that! Then yesterday we went out looking at thrift stores for a book case and new dresser for his room. Didn't find a thing so I ended up at Walmart of all places and found this cute little bookcase for a bargain price of $12.97. It was very easy to assemble and is the perfect size for his room. Now all I have left is a dresser which I'm just watching Craig's list and the thrift stores for and his room is done. It all came together nicely he's really enjoying his "new" room.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July Fun

This past long 4th of July weekend was busy with lots of fun and relaxing. I guess busy and relaxing don't go hand in hand do they? Ah well:) We got a few things done around the house one off my summer chore list even. My hubs got a closet organizer put in the downstairs bedroom it's so nice. Our plan is to move Lucas downstairs soon we are in the process of moving bedroom furniture around. We are getting Romans twin bed for his room this week and a new dresser I'll post pic's once we get it done.

Anyway, this past weekend we did some of our fireworks with the kids in the driveway on the 4th after we went to see some. Did I ever tell you that little boys are just major piro's? Ben taught Lucas how to "properly" light off a firework if you can do such a thing:) He didn't burn his eyelashes off so the lesson from dad must've been good. Below you can see Ben helping Lucas light one. Sorry it's kind of dark.
As you can see little brother Kaleb not paying attention while big brother Lucas is lighting one off. Don't worry we were standing right by.
"Ta Da it's awesome, Dad!" said Roman about the below firework.

The next day we decided to see a movie with the kids they picked Wall-E the new Pixar film. The previews didn't look all that great to either of us but we figured it being a Pixar film it should be pretty entertaining. Boy were we wrong! As we're walking out of the theater we both said that was one of the dumbest films we've ever seen. I'm sorry dumb is not a good word...umm..bad, horrible..bad plot...worst film... So in case you wanted to see it I hoped I've saved you a lot of money trust me just rent it when it comes out. The kids mildly enjoyed it but hey it was family time and the popcorn was really good:) I truly hope the next Pixar film is much better I really enjoy all their other films they are some of my all time favorites.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1930's wife

According to this I make a very superior 1930's housewife. Go ahead and take the test it's great fun. I was quite honest and suprised when I scored so high so go ahead and tell me your score mine was a..gasp...87. Things I can improve upon:

1. Fails to wash the top of milk bottle before opening it.
2. Gives husband shampoo or manicure(I must suggest this to hubby tonight;)
3. Puts stockings to soak in wash basin
4. Seams in hose often crooked.

Yes I will be making a concerted effort to improve in these areas. I'll be checking my stockings now several times a day so they are not crooked. .Hahahahah

Thanx to Lori for passing this on!