Friday, April 2, 2010

Zoo in spring

Back in blogger land I am for my zero maybe 1 reader left here is some new pic's for you. Yesterday the boys and I went to the zoo it was 75 and gorgeous. Although all of the animals were sleeping in their habitants the monkeys were quite active. We stood and watched them for awhile and just laughed they were quite entertaining.

Here is "Nessie" I believe it was called at Art Prize this fall in her new home at the zoo. Quite amazing it is.
My little Romeo oh that smile will melt a girls heart someday.

My Kaleb posed for many pictures for me that day I just love this kid:)

All my handsome boys even got Lucas in on this one.

Kaleb and Roman playing on the train. I declared Kaleb to old to play on it since it was all preschool/kind. kids. However it cleared out for a bit and Roman was quite delighted that big brother got to play on it with him for a bit.

What would the annual trip to the zoo be without at least one picture of all the kids sitting on John Ball? LOL