Monday, February 26, 2007


Well we are now done with basketball Lucas' team lost on Sat. so were not going to the State games but that's ok were all pretty worn out from it. They lost their first game but won the second not all to bad. All the kids were sick at some point in time last week Roman came down with a high fever on Wed. then Lucas and Kaleb on Friday. Lucas was so upset he'd still be sick on Sat. but they all only had it for one day so he did play. I'm so glad basketball is done we have an awards banquet at the end of March but no more practices and carting to games etc. it makes for a long season. We did have a blast doing it but it will be nice to have a break until next years season.

Ben and I are training for a 25K race I ran it the last two years and Ben did last year. The schedule is pretty intense so without even trying to hard I've lost 5 pounds and toned up a bit more and Ben has lost 20-25 pounds. I'm so proud of him it's hard to do we each want to lose at least 10 more before the race since the less you weigh the better your time. It's amazing to us though that at 30 our bodies sure give us more trouble than they did even 5 years ago. The boys are going to do a 5K this year in May so guess we'll make a it a family activity for the summer...running that is.

Speaking of which I can't wait for summer I'm so sick of winter summer is my favorite season the hotter the better doesn't bother me. I just got a job with a landscaping company working just 4 hours a week so we'll see how much I like hot weather on those days but for the most part I love the hot weather. Well I've got to get some fish out of the freezer for dinner and then it's off to run and workout with my hubby.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted I've been so busy this last week. As of today things slow down a bit. Last night I went to see Suessical the Musical with my boys and nephew it was awesome. The kids really enjoyed it as did I. On another good note Lucas' basketball team finally won another game Mon. night. They hadn't won in a long time so it was good to get a win again. They've had so many close games and then ended up losing by one or two points. So needless to say they were all very excited. One more week of basektball and then were pretty much done it's been a fun season. They've asked Ben to coach next year he's thinking on it it's a pretty big commitment so we'll see.

Yesterday for Valentine's day the kids and I made heart cookies and decorated them. I do this every year with the kids and they get to take a few plates to who over they want to. We always bring them to the Grandma's and they bring a plate to school for their teachers on friday's. Last year we brought them all to a nursing home and brought them to the elderly. It was such a joy to see the joy on those people's faces they loved getting the cookies and seeing some young kids. It was also a good learning experience for the boys they never realized that people live in nursing homes and what they are so it was good for them. Next year we'll probably do that again this year the day was just to crazy and so has the week.

Well that's what we've been up to next week we have basketball every night and then regional games on Saturday which is an all day event. Were the hosting team this year so we all have to bring cookies and "work" at it. So life will be basketball next week but it's the last week of it. Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snow fort

Here is Lucas and Kaleb and the neighbor Zach and their snowfort yesterday they worked on it for three hours. Needless to say they were cold and had red faces when they all finally came in. They were all so proud of their fort.

Snow, Snow, Snow

Here is a pic of my hubby raking our roof yesterday isn't he cute! The next picture is Roman watching his daddy from the window saying the whole time "yay, good boy daddy" clapping his hands and laughing it was to cute.
Gotta love it!! My kids do anyway. My hubby did make it home on Sat. he took the train home from Chicago since his flight was cancelled I was so happy. I missed him so much and to think the earliest they could fly him home was Mon. was horrible so they took the train home. Our blizzard is over but the snow just keeps coming. Yesterday we had periods of sunshine but today it's snowing again. The roads are still snow covered and icy but everyone is just driving slow. I did venture out to the Y yesterday and it wasn't so bad as long as you drove slow.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Bug for school

Lucas had to make a bug for school today and this is what he came up with. I thought it was really cute they could make it out of whatever they wanted to. To cute! Who would've thought two radishes, a piece of celery and an orange pepper would make such a cute bug!

Vacation and snow..

Ha it just keeps coming that snow. My hubby is flying in tomorrow and I hope and pray they make it safely. I don't want to be another night without him if they get stuck at the airport in Chicago guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. Roman got up this morning and ran to his daddy's chair to watch toons and eat cereal with him. They do this ever Sat. morning together he looked for his daddy in bed and didn't find him there either. He looks at me and says " no daddy bye bye airpane all done!" it was to cute. I miss him to I can't wait for him to come home. I just got home from Wis. yesterday and it was so much fun. The kids and I and my aunt and her two daughters went to the dells to an indoor waterpark. It was a blast the kids had so much fun. I'm so glad that I went to Wis. for a few days it passes the time much more quickly with the hubby gone. Time off of school this week has been nice to the kids and I have been playing all night. I think I may go out to an early dinner tonight with some friends then the boys and I have a "date" to watch movies and make hot fudge sundaes. Have a great weekend all hope everyone isn't snowed in.