Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Parties, Parties and more Parties...

Well after a busy weekend two bbq's, a family picnic, and a parade we had the last of our parties today. The boys had their party from performing arts to go to at a horse farm today. They had a riot they each got to ride a horse which they thought was very cool. Roman wasn't to sure at first but once the horse moved he started laughing. He is quite small compared to the horse he looks so cute on it. We ended up having a great weekend and even though it was slightly busy it was fun.

Parties, p

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Seems like I just posted but I guess it's been awhile. On Monday night the boys had their choir concert and plays. It was so so cute! In Kaleb's play he had one line and he said it so loud it was great. His line was "love your enemies" he said it "love your eminies" we all got a good chuckle it was just so cute. Even at seven he still says words wrong not to many at just enough to make it cute. He'll say "ba-sghetti" for spaghetti and such. Anyway Lucas did good as well and both plays turned out good. Their choir was really cute as well one little girl in the front had her shirt completely buttoned wrong and it was so obvious it was so darn cute she was around six I think. Some of the kids had to change after their play into their choir clothes so she probably was in a hurry. Anyway we all thought it was cute. Kaleb who doesn't normally sing loud because he gets to embarrassed for people to hear him....bless his little heart he sang so loud you could only hear him at some parts in the singing. He was just so cute that night! My father in law taped it and I'm so glad he did..thank you again.. So other than the kids concert and drama play we haven't been up to a whole lot. We did go to the zoo yesterday major mistake. It was so busy it was utter mad chaos. I think there was probably 35 buses of school groups maybe more and every mom in the city it was crazy. So we won't be going until school gets out again. I think I will plant my flowers today in my front yard it's suppose to be 88 and sunny....yipee!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Please Pray!!

My dear friend who's little boy had heart surgery a few weeks ago is in urgent need of prayers. He took a turn for the worst last week and right now is in critical condition. His heart is rejecting the fontan procedure the did on him and they have to remove it or he'll die this week. They are hoping that he will be stable enough to be able to do the surgery tomorrow or Wed. The doctors are going to put back in his heart what he had to begin with. Please pray for strength for the little boy to fight and for peace for his parents and siblings. His siblings went on Sat. to say goodbye to him please pray for them also. May the grace of God bring them through this very tough time ahead.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day...

I can't believe I never posted anything about Mother's Day. First my hubby bought me 14 roses on Saturday I hardly ever get flowers from him so I must brag when I do. I love flowers and am always cutting them out of my flower garden and putting them in the house. Then on Sunday we went over to his parents for lunch it was so yummy! My kids gave me a card each and they each gave me a dollar...to sweet. Lucas' card said he appreciated everything I do for him I almost cried. It's the first time he's actually written something it just meant so much he has always written I love you but to add that he appreciates what I do just brought tears to my eyes. I of course will save them. Boys can be just so sweet to their mama's I just love having boys. Praise the Lord for our children!!

On a side note the boys are officially done with school for the year..WOOHOO!! Party time..heehehe. We are going out for breakfast to celebrate them being done. They do have to read every day in the summer and we do two different reading programs. So they still learn all summer without realizing it...my little secret. Then were going to the greenhouse and I'm going to plant my garden. I get very excited about this every year I LOVE gardening and can't wait to start eating my fresh veggies. Plus just tilling the dirt and planting and weeding I just really enjoy it..as crazy as it sounds. So here's to a full day of gardening tomorrow!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Running and dutch boys

We ran our race on Saturday and both did good I beat my time from last year by 12:00 min. to finish in 2:18.00 I was happy with that. I honestly didn't know I had it in me. Ben finished with a 2:37.00 and beat his time from last year by 5 min. I was really proud of him he wasn't able to train the last two months because he hurt his leg and he still ran it. I don't think I could've ran it in the way he did. But it's my third 25K race and I can honestly say I have no desire to run a marathon 15.5 miles is plenty far for me. I'm thinking about doing a triathlon in the fall it's called a sprint triathlon. I did it two years ago and it was actually fun so I'm contemplating that. But first I need to recover from my race.

Last week the boys and I went to learn about our heritage. We had a great time learning all about the dutch. We are all dutch just about so it was fun for the boys to see and learn all about the dutch people. We saw some dutch dances and they got to dress as little dutch boys. It really was a fantastic learning experience. We read some books from the library and then they got to see it all come to life we really had a good time.

Here is Roman on the carosal at the dutch place he loved it. We were the only kids at the place almost so they could ride it as much as the wanted. As you can see Roman could've stayed on it all day. This is one of my favorite pictures i've ever taken of Roman. He just has the biggest smile.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our running family..

Our kids have a fondness for running it seems they have been running a little lately and wanted to do this kids run that is part of the large run I'm doing on Saturday. So off we went last night to the fun run they each got a tee shirt and a goodie bag along with the run. They could run from a half to a whole mile Kaleb did a whole mile and Lucas did a3/4 mile. Lucas thought he ran four laps of the track but it was only three. They had a blast and now want to train for a 5K race. I told them if they keep running that maybe at the end of summer we would let them do one. It was really cute they got a bib number to pin on their shirt and all like the adults do on Sat.

Here is a pic of them all at the zoo last week I thought it turned out so cute. I take a picture of them on this large spider every year. It's fun to see how they've grown every year.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Well not to much new going on around here. I'm getting ready for my big run on Sat. I'm starting to get really nervous about it. I have a time goal in my head that I must reach and I'm starting to panic that maybe it's an unrealistic goal that I've set for myself. I actually have quite an easy workout week this week to give my body rest for the torture on Sat. I'm running three miles tonight and then that's it for the running until Sat. Maybe another mile or two on Thurs. but that's it...so wish me luck.

Other than running the boys and I have been enjoying time outside it's been so gorgeous out. We've been to the park many a time and last week went to the "good" zoo by us we had a blast. Yesterday the boys went bug hunting again. I got a book from the library so they could identify the bugs they found. We learned about pill bugs, ants, slugs, caterpillars, and a few others we couldn't name oh and we found many worms they saved to go fishing with. Guess it's a good thing I'm not a squeamish mommy when it comes to bugs. Roman found a worm and played with it for a long time he loved it. I was moving bricks out from my garden and underneath them was a world of bugs this is how it all got started. But hey they learned something and I got them to move a bunch of bricks for me..:)

Ok now I'm off to get ready to run I thought about running tomorrow morning but I think I'd rather get it done with tonight. Happy Tues. all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

God answers prayers!!!

A miracle has happened!! A year ago a friend of mines son who was three at the time was told he only had two years to live. He was born with congenital heart disease and in order to keep him alive he needed a three step procedure done on his heart. He had the first two done and when it came time for the final one they were told his lung pressure was to high and he'd die if they did it then. World renowned heart surgeons told them there was nothing more they could do for the little boy and he had two years at most to live. Prayers upon prayers were put up for this little guy and praise God his lung levels dropped and they performed the last surgery today!! Everything went so good it took 6 hours less than expected of course he's got a long road of recovery but his prognosis is now good. Lord willing he'll live many more years and his quality of life will be so much better. The Lord is so good!!