Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Here's what we've been doing the past four days...just relaxing like Roman is here. I caught him watching a movie with curious George tucked up under a comfy blanket. We did visit with family yesterday for a bit but mostly we've just been relaxing and enjoying some family time. Today the boys and I got back into the swing of things with some school work and then house cleaning. All that relaxing sure makes for one dirty house. So scrub, scrub, scrub we did and now our house is all clean again. We were going to go sledding today but the snow has melted to much so the boys are trying to make a "huge" snowman instead I'll post a pic of it later...if they can actually make one.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Louder Than Words

I read this book yesterday about Jenny McCarthy's journey with her sons autism. It was a real eye opener for me on autism. It was so interesting that I couldn't put it down she was quite crass in the book at times but also very honest. After reading it late into the night I didn't even sleep good because all these thoughts kept going through my head. Like my brain was still thinking and I was trying to sleep. Basically she believes that her sons autism was caused after receiving the mmr vaccination. He was this lively bright blued eyed boy before he received this shot. She states that she had a horrible feeling going into that doctor's office that day now she knows why. Her son had seizers shortly thereafter so bad that he would stop breathing and go into cardiac arrest. He went into a world all his own with a spaced out look in his eyes at this same point. After doing hours of research she discovered that kids with autism often have severe food allergies which greatly suppresses their immune system. After having this MMR shot their little bodies just go haywire and can't process the chemicals, mercury, virus' and whatever else the government puts in vaccines. Thus causing autism in a lot of kids not all but some. Through her research and talking with other moms she discovered that taking autistic kids off wheat and dairy thus a gluten and caesin free diet they improved dramatically. She did this with her son and little by little he started coming out of his world into ours. Also shots of vitamin b12 would help him talk. After making a lot of improvement her son began regressing a and was constantly sick a doctor told her that her son had the immune system of a child dying with aids. After consulting two doctors she found that her son had a major overgrowth of yeast in his body caused by leaky gut syndrome a very common trait among autistic kids. Her son had candida so taking him off all yeast was the next step he still was off dairy and wheat and will be off all three the rest of his life. After taking him off yeast he came out of his world completly thus almost curing him of autism. A specialist that came to evaluate her son could not believe that this was the same kid she had met a year before. He went from not speaking, not looking at anyone, having no reactions to people, not wanting to being touched. To this amazing child that could have a conversation with his mom, giving her hugs and kisses, and having relationships with peers and adults. He will always have some autistic traits such as flapping of his arms when he gets excited and a fasincation with gears, door hinges and things like that. Now I'm not saying and she said in the book that there are different levels of autism what works for one child will not work for another always. All cases are different and this was just her experience.

Why I write all this and was so moved by this book is because I have four great nieces and nephews. They all have severe food allergies and have all had severe problems because of it. My oldest nephew Racky is this amazing bright blue eyed little boy who is smarter than most. He has the sweetest disposition and is just a great kid. He has or has had in the past the leaky gut and a very suppressed immune system. It just really hit me that had he been immunized we might never know what an amazing kid he is or what his potential would be. He may not have had a severe reaction like autism but I also don't doubt that he wouldn't have.

We have the most merciful and graceful God. I am so thankful that God blessed Racky and his siblings with the great parents he did. God blessed them with a great Doctor and also the wisdom to not get their children immunized. I pray for them daily for the wisdom in dealing with their health issues.

I'm not saying that all autism is caused by vaccinations I'm no doctor. I just very strongly agree with Jenny's thinking that some autism is caused by vaccinations. In the 1970's autism was 1 in 10,000 cases today it's 1 in 150 those are staggering statistics. Each parent has to make an informed decision about vaccinations. I'm not judging any parent for what he/she has decided to do for each parent does what they feel is best for their child. I was just so moved by her story I had to put the thoughts down somewhere and here they land on my blog. I just kept thinking of my nephew Racky and it was all I could do not to cry at points. I thank the good Lord for blessing us with four great nieces and two nephew's!!!!!!!

In case you'd all like to check out my great nieces and nephews here are links to their blogs.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Every year the boys and I go sledding it's a great way for the boys to burn some winter energy and it's fun for all of us. We only live about five blocks from this sledding hill so we go quite often. As you can see we were the only ones there yesterday it was pretty cool!

Here is Roman smiling for the camera he had a ball. He looked so little going down in the sled by himself. He loved it though he'd laugh all the way down.

Roman and Lucas going down together.

Kaleb and I going down the hill they love to go with me because we go really fast.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Museum Time..

Last Friday the kids and I went to our Public museum we seem to get there about once a year. The kids really enjoy it and learn something new every time we go. The Egyptian room is Lucas' favorite room in the whole museum he loves to study this mummy and read all about him/her. I think he's kind of creepy looking yet cool.. weird.. I know. It is pretty incredible that the Egyptians could preserve a body like this. I'm not sure how old it is but it is a real mummy from a pyramid. Although I am for sure and certain that I don't want my face like this in a museum someday:) Creepy for sure.
The mummy up top and then they have a face of what he probably looked something like which is the next picture. What eyebrows!!

Kaleb and Roman in the car having fun. Lucas in the back ground reading the info.

Roman on the carousal he loves them!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Writing a book..

Not me but Bethany here is about miscarriages. It really got me thinking about my own I had almost five years ago. Doesn't seem like that long ago but it was there are still many times that I think about that little baby God blessed us with. Sometime I'd like to write down my story of miscarriage but I'm not sure I could share it with everyone else on my blog it's just so personal to me. I have been truly blessed however by Bethany's post on the subject. One of her miscarriages was at eight weeks the same as mine. She has posted pictures of her little blessing online which were just awesome to me. It's exactly what my baby looked liked and I so wish I had taken pictures of him/her. Bethany is asking for anyone to email her with their experiences or pictures for her book she's writing. If you have any you'd like to share drop her a line.

Monday, December 10, 2007

We won..

Our third game on Sat. we are now 2-1 here is a picture of Lucas on the court.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Kaleb's talk

I had just taken off my sweater after lunch today and just had on my tank top and here is what Kaleb said.

Kaleb: Mom, you have a baby in your tummy.
Me: I don't have a baby in my tummy.
Kaleb: Well it looks like it. You might have a seed at least.
Me: What, because I have a small little bump.
Kaleb: yes,
Lucas: If mom had a baby in her tummy she would have hot flashes.
So I had just taken off my sweater because I was hot doesn't mean it's a hot flash! And for the record I'm not pregnant and I will be doing some extra ab work outs next week:)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My great find...

Yesterday while perusing my favorite thrift store I found this bible trivia game. It's an old version of it but in mint condition plus it's the King James version of the Bible. It has 400 questions for kids and 1400 for adults so we can play it as a family to. I got it for the bargain price of $2.00 I was so tickled. The kids and I went throught several questions yesterday I was quite amazed at what the kids knew. Guess they do listen in church and devotions after all:) I can see us all learning a lot of Bible knowledge with this game the adult questions are quite hard. I also got 6 items of clothes for Lucas 4 of them with the "gap" label. Two items of clothes for Roman, a marble set for the boys, two snowman, 3 novels, two kids books all for the price of.......Tahdah $20.00 I was just giddy. Yes I know I love a good bargain this thrift store is the best. It's almost brand new, cheaper prices than goodwill, and it supports my Christian high school I graduated from. What more good you ask for:)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's a foot of snow....

Kaleb told me when I woke up yesterday morning the boys were so eager to get outside. After school was done and a trip to the Y they headed outside. They were outside for two hours just having a blast. They built this small snow fort using ice/snow from the driveway and from making snowballs. They were all so cute out there!
Kaleb and Roman getting snow/ice for the snow fort.Roman putting his piece on the snow fort.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Basketball season officially started a month or so ago with practices but games started last week. We won our first game last week but lost our game last night. Although we lost we were celebrating over here in our house. You see Lucas made his first shot in last night's game his proud mama jumped off the bleachers I was so proud of him I almost started crying. I was so happy for him. He's been trying for so long to get that shot but the ball would always bounce off the rim it seemed. I'm told that when you make your first shot in a game you will always remember it. Needless to say he's still on cloud nine his confidence level just went up a bunch and I suspect it'll show in the following games. He played his little heart out last night his dad and I were just so proud of him!