Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It only happens to me...

Do you ever have one of those times in your life where you think "this stuff only happens to me"? Well I have many of them. Yesterday after dinner I'm cleaning up the dishes and as I'm bringing the pan of sloppy joe mixture to the counter the spoon falls out of it onto the floor. Splat! I had a huge mess to clean up because of course the spoon had the bbq all over it. Today as I'm making chicken kabobs for dinner tonight I stab myself not once but twice with the skewer leaving me to dig out a large wood splinter. Now as I was just shaking up some fruit in a Tupperware bowl the lid comes loose and grapes and cantaloupe are everywhere on the clean floor I just mopped. I told Ben last night these things only happen to me..:) He laughed and said they don't but they do happen a lot to me. So ok there is my vent for the day I am a clumsy person mostly because I tend to do things to fast. Maybe I need to learn a lesson from these incidents and learn to slow down..hahahah.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Been awhile..

Since I last posted. Not to much is happening here. Roman has dumped the train set bucket over and is playing drums on it with two plastic tinker toys. It's his new favorite thing to do let me tell you it gets quite annoying. He's also taken to dancing a lot lately I don't know where he picked that one up from but he's quite cute to watch. Could be we have a little muscian in the family. Lucas went camping with a friend all weekend and it was so weird not having him around. That's the first time he's been away from home by himself. He had a blast and was not ready to come home yet although he did say he missed Roman a lot...and later he added his mom a little bit..as he said it with a smirk. I'm no fool he is such a die hard mama's boy I know he did more than he admits to he stayed pretty close to home yesterday. He was such a sweetie all day long he was very helpful watching his little brother and helping clean etc. I think I'll send him away more often..heehee just kidding I really missed him and I'm glad he's home. Kaleb thought it was great being the big cheese for three days. I realized how much more he can do than what I give him credit for. It really made me see how Lucas overshadows him quite a bit. It was nice not having two kids nit picking and fighting for a few days. But here we are life is back to normal..:) We did make it out on our boat finally and it ran GREAT!! we were so excited it was been a pile ever since we bought it Ben finally ended up having to rebuild the engine last summer. This is the first summer where it actually has ran good. We had a lot of fun on it Roman kept laughing and saying "this is fun, go faster daddy". He loved to go fast he was to cute. Although we have it for sale I'm secretly hoping it doesn't sell until say Sept. hahhah the way boats are selling right now it'll be awhile before it sells. We'll use it until it does. Well Roman is waiting for me to "play drums" with him now as he is wearing a huge cowboy hat and insists that I do the same. Here's to drumming in cowboy hats!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Today they boys and I ran a 5K race which is 3.1 miles. We had so much fun the boys ran their little hearts out I was so proud of them. Lucas ran it in 30 min. and Kaleb in 31.20 they were to cute!

Here is Lucas running. He looks so hot it was very hot and humid!

This is Roman cheering us on...he was earlier..he was sitting his this chair next to his grandma when I went by it was so cute!!

Here's Kaleb running for being just seven he ran so good..the food at the end was major incentive to them both! That's boys for ya..