Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun in the snow..

This past week we took the boys to see the move "Madagascar 2" it was so funny we laughed a lot I highly recommend it. After we got home we quickly changed into our snow gear and went sledding. It was a great family day! Ain't my baby cute!!

Lucas and Kaleb were so not impressed with all the pictures I wanted to take:) They did let me get a couple at least.

Roman on the other hand is always full of smiles for the camera.

This kid has it made doesn't he I think he walked up the hill only twice otherwise we got suckered into pulling him up.

Here is a duck that Lucas sculpted out of snow I thought it was really creative and cute. Something different than a snowman. It's kind of hard to see since everything is white but it was awesome! I was impressed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ok it's not quite this bad yet but you get the picture we have 2 1/2 feet on our deck alone. We're suppose to get another 5-10" tonight I can't even remember what color the road is. Is it white?:) Well the kids are having a blast in it at any rate we have a huge I mean huge snow pile in our front yard from the neighbors driveways. Yes, my kids actually have asked the snow plow drivers to deposit the snow in our front yard so they can make a bigger fort. At least it melts eventually right:) I'll take a pic of the fort tomorrow course it might be buried by then..anyway...in the last three days Kaleb has made $15.00 doing this:

for the neighbors he's a shoveling machine. We're either going swimming tomorrow at the Y or sledding. What's your vote? Mine is swimming in Lake Michigan in 80 degree weather.....yes I'm more than ready for summer:) Until then I'll enjoy the crisp winter air I think we'll go sledding and throw around some snowballs. Boys ever here of a white wash?.....just kidding I'm not that mean:)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last night I met someone who doesn't...GASP....use coupons when grocery shopping. I quickly realized she would be my new project and I would totally convert her by the end of our visit. Well convert her I did not she shops exactly how I used to shop. Just heads on out to the store and throws this that and whatever in her cart not thinking about price or if I really need this or that. I've been religously using coupons at the store, playing the cvs and walgreens game and have saved thousands this year. I can't believe I ever use to shop without coupons. So this coming year I am going to save all my reciepts and keep a running total of the money I've saved. Just to see what the total will be at the end of 2009. At CVS alone I've saved close to $2,000.00 quite a staggering number to me. So I didn't convert the person to couponing guess I'll have to find a new "project"...:)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ever feel like this??

Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off that is?:) I know lovely picture right...I've been sooo busy this week and this weekend is not slowing down at all either. Work, new carpet in basement..big huge Yay for this one, five basketball games, practice ..etc..etc...etc... yeah you get the picture..so I"ll be posting new pic's of my basement once we get our furniture back in there hopefully this weekend. Let's just say the new carpet looks so totally awesome and I LOVE it!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Roman's favorite foods

"Macaroni Pizza" a.k.a. pepperoni pizza

Also "Smashed Bitato's" a.k.a. mashed potato's

He's always asking for the potatoes I made them for him for lunch today and he thanked me all day long for them:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Around Blogoshpere

You can go here to Walden Media and register and you'll get a free copy of Amazing Grace on DVD and also an Amazing Grace calendar. This movie was really good. Thank you Crystal at money saving mom for the info.

Walgreens is also having a mid week sale starting tomorrow. You can get free deo., cheap laundry det., cheap cough drops and other goodies. Go here to view the ad online.

Target also has free lumin air, and cheap Keepler cookies you can get. Go check it all out at Common Sense with money.

Happy Saving everyone! I'll be posting all my goodies tomorrow after shopping.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sooooo Fun!

Lucas has been saving his money for awhile for this Wii game. We played it in Florida at Ben's cousins house on vacation last winter. Lucas finally had enough saved up so we went to Meijer this morning to buy it. We got an extra 25.00 off of it with gift cards he bought and coupons. We've been having a lot of fun with it so far. We're off to sledding shortly with all this snow we're getting. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Carpet

We are getting new carpet for sure..Yay!! The insurance agent was over yesterday and said to go ahead and order the new carpet. So despite the mess that was created and the hassle of cleaning and drying out. It is worth it for the new carpet that insurance is covering. Yesterday I touched up the walls in the family room and painted the trim in Lucas' room. Today I'm painting the trim in the family room then it will be all fresh and new when the new carpet is installed. I also wanted to move the furniture around I'm just trying to figure out how. We did have some mold set in we had to get treated so I'm really glad we ended up ripping it all out. It could've been much worse later on down the road. Such as us all getting sick or something. I'll post pictures after the new carpet is in.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


For those of you who don't know I now work at Younker's Dept. store. I wanted to post some deals I came across today at work. We were doing end of season clearance final markdowns today. Which means the lowest price the clothes go. Here is what I found:

Men's Docker khaki pants $1.99/each I bought 2 for Ben & 1 for a gift.

Boys shorts from last summer $1.99/each I bought three for the boys for next summer.

My splurge: A blue dress shirt for Ben I've been eyeing since I started working a month and a half ago. Regular price was $58.00 it was reduced today to $16.00.

I spent $21.00 on all the clothes because of my employee discount..Fantastic eh? I love great deals like that.

If you have time and are looking for a good deal on an item a lot of stores are putting out their end of season bottom line clearance. It's always worth a peek:)