Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meijer Deals

Meijer has some fantastic deals going on this week. I just got back from the store and spent only $25.00 on six packed bags of food. You can go here and then go to specials and then to coupons to print them out.

Here's what deals I got this evening all these are Meijer brand products:

Chocolate Chips $1.50 -$1.00 cpn. total $.50 /piece
Graham crackers $1.67 - $1.00 cpn. total $.67 /piece
Potato Chips $1.67 - $1.00 cpn. total $.67/piece
Tator Tots $2.00 - $1.00 cpn. total $1.00 /piece
Spaghetti noodles and other pasta $.66 - $.50 cpn total $.16 /piece
Spaghetti Sauce $1.00 - $.50 cpn. total $.50 /piece

I loaded up on Chocolate chips and spaghetti sauce. I never knew Meijer had their own coupons you could print I'll be checking them out every week now. Woohoo I love good deals like these! I mean $.50 for chocolate chips! Awesome!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here's a few pictures of the last few weeks. Kaleb turned eight this month and here he is with his special chocolate cake I made for him. It's a homemade chocolate cake that is just awesome. I make it with dutch cocoa and mmmmm is it ever good. Perfect for my sweet tooth little guy:)
Here is Roman wearing his new special fishing hat. On Friday's when my boys are taking classes Roman and I browse our local mall. We eat a bagel, play at the play area and then hit the clearance racks. Well this past Friday he spotted this hat in the window at the children's place and he just had to have it. He is such a hat kid he loves them. Normally I don't give in to begging from my kids but he was just to cute and it was only 6.00. He said "please mommy I need it to go fishing with grandpa socks" just to darn cute how could I say no. He hardly takes it off so it was well worth the 6 bucks.
Yes here we have my little strawberry banana lip balm boy. I know the pic is blurry but I had to get close so you could see how much he really had on. His lips were lets just say very glossy with globs of "chapchips" around them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Here is a gift my hubby gave me three weeks ago and yes it still looks like this. I've never had a rose last to long it's just gorgeous. He's so sweet he'll buy me a flower every once in awhile and stick it in a vase and leave it on the table before work in the morning so I find it when I wake up. Anyone who knows me knows I love flowers and the great outdoors so having one that last so long on my table is great.

The other day I caught myself hurrying my little Roman along as he was riding his bike. He kept stopping and wanting to get off it I would quickly give me a push and tell him to "keep riding" or we'll never get to the park. The fourth time he stopped and I said my above line he looked at me and said "but mom I want to pick that flower for you like daddy". Oh man way to make me feel like the biggest peon ever. Here to me I was annoyed and trying to hurry him along when all he could see was all these glorious dandelions he was passing by. After that I let him stop all he wanted and yes it took for every to get to the park but I had a whole bouquet of dandelions to show for it all from my little boy for me. He keeps picking them and adding them to the flower from daddy.

I say all this because it made me realize that life is not all hurry hurry hurry as I'm wont to do. I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the flowers and sweet things like that. Yesterday after I got done working a.k.a. spraying those glorious dandelions on my weeding route I came home and had a half hour squirt gun fight with all my boys. What fun we had I had soaked jeans, shirt, shoes etc. but it's some of the most fun I've had in awhile. My boys were so thrilled that I jumped right in with them to play. Now looking at the rose that's been around so long I'm getting a daily reminder to slow down and just enjoy life with my family and enjoy the sweet moments of life.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday my friend Sherri and I took our kids to see the butterflies at the Gardens. They were so beautiful I couldn't believe how many there were out this year. It was 70 outside and just gorgeous so we walked some of the trails as well and let the kids run it was a very enjoyable afternoon.Heres a picture of all the kids aren't they cute!

My boys posed for me in front of the pretty waterfall so handsome!

A picture of one of the butterflies. Now if I could just get them to fly around my yard all summer..:)

And my favorite butterfly of all.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pet Shopping...

Last night Ben and I went pet shopping with Roman in tow at the pet shop. Our little Kaleb is turning eight next week and all he wants is a pet. He wants a lizard so bad it's all he can talk about. Ever since the one got away in Florida he was going to take home he's been asking for one. He actually would be happy with any kind of a pet preferably dog but next is a lizard. We're not into getting a dog right now so we thought maybe a lizard was a possibility. I will say this mama is quite squeamish around any reptile but after looking at small lizards decided I could handle one of those. The picture above is of a gecko it's actually a pretty lizard and supposedly very friendly and easy to care for. The cost involved in one of these isn't much either so we are considering this little gecko for Kaleb. When we first got into the pet shop this little fluff ball puppy was running around and licking Roman it was so stinkin cute. I told Ben I would buy this puppy for Kaleb I asked how much it was $499.00 yup the price decided it for me. Here is my question to all blog o' sphere peeps out there. Besides a cat or dog anyone have any ideas on a pet an eight year old can care for besides a fish? We are stumped beyond this lizard as to what we could get. My 11 has begged for a snake since he was 6 that I definitely could not handle why oh why can't my boys just love normal pets like a cute turtle or fish or something:)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Awards night...

Last night we had the awards banquet to go to for Lucas' basketball season. All the boys have to dress up and they all looked so handsome. The awards banquet is for all of the teams which was 7 teams this year I think. Anyway Ben being Lucas' coach had to introduce all the kids on his team and give a little speech. He was nervous but gave a very nice little speech. Here is a picture of my handsome guy. Always the clown:)

Here is a picture with Ben and half of his team..who took this pic anyway..hahah. My honey even got teary eyed while giving his speech he really enjoyed coaching. Several of the parents really enjoyed Ben coaching and getting to know him we heard several great comments last night. I think my hubby has a gift for coaching he is looking forward to coaching again next year. I was just so proud of both my guys can you tell :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Da Vinci

Last week I took the kids to our local hospital to try their hands at this machine. It's called the "da vinci" and it's a robotic machine used in surgery's. It was very fascinating to say the least the boys thought it was "awesome" is the word I believe they used. We got to stick our hands into the computer where they guy in green is sitting in the picture and try our hand out at a pretend surgery. Thankfully I left Roman at home with Ben because we had to wait 45 min. in line to try it. They had a doctor you could ask questions which Lucas took to heart. He talked with the doctor for 15 minutes or so about this it was really quite cute. He actually knew a lot about it and the doctor was very impressed he said this to me:) I guess that Body works science class and all that reading he does is paying off:) Anyway this machine costs well over a million dollars and is used in a variety of different surgery's. It makes the recovery time much faster for patients and the incisions the Dr. has to make are so much smaller it really speeds up recovery. You can read more about this machine here who knows one of us may very well have a surgery with it someday. I was glad we went the kids and I learned a great deal about our advancing technology in the field of medicine.