Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roman sayings:

This morning Roman walks in my closed bedroom door just as I'm putting on my running bra and says:

Roman:"Hey mom, I have some of those (pointing at my chester's) wanna see em?"
I say "No, that's ok honey"

He proceeds to lift up his shirt and say:"mom, mine are red why are they red?"
I say "I don't know honey it's just the way God made you"
Roman: "Does God have red ones to?"

By this point I'm laughing so hard and trying to shoo him out of my room so I can finish dressing. The innocence of a child sometimes. Note to self start locking bedroom door from said four year old.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Target Deals

Here is what I got at Target this week:

Kellogg Special K bars 6 ct. are on rollback to $2.24 buy three boxes and use this coupon here and then print three of these Target Kellogg special K coupons to get them for .24 a box. Woohoo Of the two Target's I bought them at only one had all variety's at 2.24 the other store had them at 2.99 so make sure you check the price. For those in the GR area the 54th st. Target was where they were 2.24/box.

Also the Ocean Spray juice and Yoplait yogurt deals still are working until Saturday. Gotta Love Target.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kids Sayings

Roman this morning after getting out of a long hot bath shouts to me:

"Mom, my hands look like Grandma's"