Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not my brightest moment in life...

Tonight after dinner the boys and I walk to the park upon returning home we find the doors locked. No big deal we have an extra key hidden only it's not there and Lucas says "oh, it's hanging up on the hook in the house". So I call the hubby who's golfing and he says he can't slip the ol credit card through any of our locks...oops. Ok, so I look at all windows and decide if I can get the outside casing off the bathroom window I can slip Roman through it to open the door. I can't get quite all the screws off but can pull the casing enough to slip him through so while yanking on the casing my neighbor is just about to slip the boy through when CRASH! The whole darn window shattered on the top...OOPS!! What a mess luckily nobody was hurt or cut. Ben arrives home just at this moment and proceeds to slip the ol credit card through the door and unlock it...huh..thought it wouldn't work. He thought wrong to I guess so anyway guess I have to replace a window and I just cleaned up a huge mess. I think I am the world's greatest Klutz or whatever you want to say seemed like such a good idea at the time...these things just always somehow happen to me. Thankfully we all have such a good sense of humor hubby just shook his head and took care of the kiddo's while I cleaned up. Then we chuckled so to speak:)

On the mend...

Well things over here are much quieter now. It ended up that the neighbor boy next door who is 10 also had the flu on Monday and was basically at my house all weekend. So one gave it to the other that's the way these things go. Roman threw up once yesterday morning at 7:00 was crabby for about an hour and then rebounded and was fine the rest of the day. No fever or anything he was outside playing all day it was crazy but I was so glad he was feeling better. It's so hard when a two year old or younger is sick they can't make it to a toilet or anything like the older two. Kaleb never got it so I think were all done with it. Spring is finally here I mowed my lawn yesterday for the first time this year and my tulips are blooming my yard looks so nice I can't wait to plant lots and lots of flowers. My big sis gave me a gift card to a local greenhouse (thanx again) I can't wait to go buy some flowers. I weeded all my flower beds yesterday and my garden I just need to churn up the dirt a bit then it's all set for veggie plants. I made a ton of tomato sauce last year and froze it I only have two quarts left I used one in lasagna last night and then opened a store bought one. I couldn't believe the difference my home made was so much redder and richer looking the store bought was like a pale red. I will definitely be making more and planting lots of tomatoes. Today is raining so I suppose I better get something done inside the house I went and bought a bucket and cleaning supplies last night to scour the house with the next few days it rains. I'm on a clean and purge binge it always happens this time of year wish me luck.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Life at 30++++

Well over the weekend I turned 31 crazy I can't believe I'm that old already time just flies the older you get. I went out to breakfast on Friday morning with friends and family it was a great way to start my birthday. Sat. was my actual birthday and I went out with friends for dinner and then to hear some good ol' 80's music it was a lot of fun. Today I made chocolate chip cookies..yummy..I haven't made cookies in months so they tasted so good today. Since our health kick I haven't been making cookies and such but I broke down today. I think I ate almost a dozen today...oops..but they were oh so good. I used to make cookies once a week or so I don't like to buy them when their so much healthier to make them. I figure if I'm going to eat junk food I might as well bake it at home it's a little better for you at least plus I love love to bake. Maybe it was comfort food for turning 31 hahahaha just kidding I really don't mind getting older at all. Life is better the older I get course if it starts to get bad maybe I won't like getting older. Alright now I'm rambling so I'm signing off. Lucas had the flu today so pray my other boys don't get it...I bleached my entire house down so Lord willing we'll all be fine.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My little Kaleb is 7

Well our sweet little Kaleb turned seven yesterday and what a fun filled day we had. First we started out at breakfast with our grandpa and grandma. Then we headed off to the huge park by our house with cousins shacky, Lula and Biggie what fun they all had. At night all the grandparents and a few aunts and uncles came over so it was great fun and he got wayyyy to many presents as usual. So today is raining outside and a great day to declutter the toy box...I love it!! By the way thanx Shacky for the rubber band gun mom's already been shot once by it on accident of course but...ouch..that hurt:) So in honor of my little boy I thought I would list some things about him for those that don't know him to well or those that do and might find these funny or interesting.

1. He's named after my dad and my brother who passed away.
2. He's tall for his age and almost as big as his older brother.
3. He's very competitive to say the least he's better than everybody at anything..type thing..
4. He's very athletic and loves sports his favorites are football and basketball
5. At two he would play basketball on a little tyke hoop and make a good portion of them.
6. He looks like his mama.
7. He loves babies and loves to hold them.. he thinks I need to get preggo so he can have a sister he informs me of this daily.
8. He's very active and loves to be outside all the time even in rain or freezing snow etc.
9. He is my cuddle bug he loves to curl up on our lap still he's my affectionate child always has a hug and kiss for his mama.
10. He always is getting the raw end of the deal...he thinks...I was like this to as a child must be the middle child thing..:)
11. His favorite bible story is David and Goliath
12. When he gets older he first wanted to be a giant, then a boss now he's decided on a Chiropractor so he can help people to sweet.
13. He is my sweetheart and the first to see if someones ok if their hurt and comfort them.
14. When he's hurt the world knows no matter if it's a "bleeding owie" as he says or not a band-aid is always needed.
15. He's quite focused when it comes to doing his schoolwork which is surprising to most people and a very good student.
16. He's always more than ready to help in the house with jobs and usually has a good attitude about it.

So theirs my 16 list of thing's about Kaleb I love him so much and pray the Lord gives us many more years with him.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My baby is growing up...

Today was the day we moved Roman into a "big boy bed". He was destroying his crib by shaking it when he wakes up in the morning and at naptime. Needless to say four screws had already come out and we were afraid the crib would collaspe or something with him in it. So down it came and I put up the toddler bed. He looks so stinkin cute in it Ben and I had bets on how many times he was going to get out of bed. We both lost he didn't get out at all we were quite shocked he read his books for awhile and then just went to sleep. I'm hoping he doesn't fall out at least it's very low to the ground so it's not far to the floor if he does. I showed it to him this afternoon after I put it up and from then on he kept asking to go to bed he really liked his new bed. Well I must be off to bed myself who knows we might have a little boy wandering around in the middle of the night with his new found freedom:)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

run, run, run..

Ah, I've been suckered in...hahahah just kidding I signed up for my race today which is 15.5 miles it's not for a month yet but at least I'm in. I ran it the last two years and it's hard and while running it think why am I doing this and I'm never doing it again. But this is the third year I'm doing it and I really do enjoy it. It keeps you in shape and healthy plus it's a huge accomplishment to know you ran 15.5 miles. This Sat. is my longest run before the race which I'll run 14 miles then I sort of taper off until the big day so wish me luck.

I feel like I'm always running and busy the kids get signed up for things and our life just seems like it's so busy sometimes. I rarely have a day that I'm home all day and night. I'm a very on the go person and not much of a homebody but I do enjoy being at home and getting things done. So for next school year I've decided we are going to cut back and quit signing up for so many things. The boys are going to do basektball and then take their Fri. classes and that's it. When I say that's it it still means were gone quite a bit. Now that summer is almost here all our things are ending and were wrapping up school nicely to. The boys should be done in a month so were working hard to stay on track. Lucas is doing his first every report on a State of the U.S. it works with his last chapters in his language book. That might take him longer than a month but we'll see.

Well housework calls and then it's off to workout...let's hope our snow is offically over for the year!!:)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Beating winter in April

So Here is what Roman and I made today to pretend it really isn't winter but April you know that elusive month in SPRING....Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor. Seriously this cake looks so yummy I don't dare cut it up and the best part is it's almost fat free so yummy we will really enjoy this one! Have a good weekend all!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to you!!

Just a quick note to say happy birthday to Sharon I pray the Lord blesses you with many more.

Monday, April 2, 2007

viruses and bugs

We've been hit by a virus Kaleb came down with it last week had a high fever for 3-4 days but is doing better he developed an ear infection last night which Lord willing is on the mend. The other two despite a horrible cough have steared clear of the virus.

Despite this virus we've caught my boys are very into bugs right now They've been studying them in science class this semester. Last week they both asked me for containers to collect bugs outside. It was a warm sunny afternoon so sure why not they were very excited at this prospect. After collections were made and Roman helping them both they decided they had enough. Kaleb is my animal lover and will make a "home" for any and all animals he finds and will care for them and play with them to no end. His bugs ended up in his room which Roman promptly found and brought to me with the cover off saying "bugs mom, out"...aaaakkk so I had many bugs loose I managed to round most of them up and told Kaleb the bugs had to stay outside. With a sad little face and a little protesting he brought them outside. I later found them on the front porch with a little water in the bottom you know "for the bugs to drink" he told me and a stick and some grass for them to cute. The next morning we found the bugs floating in the water as you can guess all were dead. Lucas my science experimenter only collected two bugs of the same species and studied them under the microscope, poked at them, shined a light on them and wrote a paragraph detailing his scientific findings. In the end his bugs died as he studied them but they died donating themselves to a good cause. One little boys learning on a sunny afternoon. We did learn much about bugs that day! There is just something about bugs that fasinates little boys. I hope that we continue collecting these bugs and not the bugs that are circulating our house right now.