Monday, March 26, 2007

I passed!!

Woohoo!!! I ended up having to take three separate tests a core test and then two other tests for what I'll specifically be doing. They were a little harder than I thought they'd be but ah well I passed and I'm certified now according to the state. I'd say 1/2-3/4 of the class failed the core test one kid was taking it for his sixth time I felt kind of sorry for him but he passed today. I was just praying that I would pass and not have to worry about it anymore. So my job starts in two weeks just a half a day a week I'm excited it'll be fun. Today is gorgeous outside just like yesterday we did an easy school day today so the kids can play outside. Were suppose to get some more cold weather coming so we can play catch up than. Were still 4 weeks ahead of the public school so were doing fine. My goal is always to be done the beginning of May some years it's the end but always in May. Then we really read, read, read for the summer. Learning doesn't stop we just read a lot about all kinds of things. On a side note for my run I'm doing in two months I ran 12 1/2 outside on Sat. it was so much fun running outside and not on a treadmill. I only intended to run 11 but I ran out farther. My hubby biked it and clocked it for me and it was 6.2 one way I was geeked. It's usually the other way around I run thinking it's like five miles then I clock it and it's only 4 or so much nicer to have it the other way around. Then run is 15 miles so I probably do a 13-14 mile run for my longest run but it's good to have a 12 ver already done. Well I must go enjoy the beautiful day.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dad's retirement party

Here is a picture of my dad with my boys it's a rare treat to get a picture of him and the boys or anyone for that matter. I didn't realize my camera was set on the wrong setting taking this pic but it still is really cute. I think it's one of the best pic's I have of my dad and my kids I can't wait to print it out. His party went really good we basically just went out for dinner with a bunch of his friends. I think he's excited to retire and I know he's got plenty to keep him busy. I'm glad he's retiring maybe we can see more of him now. On a side note I have my test tomorrow for my new job wish me luck! My friends husband took it and told Ben that's it's actually a pretty hard test...Great as if I'm not freaked out enough already. I feel prepared yet totally unprepared I'm just so darn nervous. I haven't taken a test since College 12 years ago. They actually call it a state exam and I'm really hoping I pass it the first time. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wed. March 21

This is what I saw when I looked out my window last night before I went to bed. It's the spring soltice and it was just gorgeous. My camera couldn't capture it very well. The moon was just a sliver but that sliver illuminated the rest of the moon as a shadow. The "star" you see is actually venus I learned this on the weather last night. Being the homeschooling mom I woke my kids up to see it. Kaleb didn't make it out of bed but Lucas thought it was pretty cool. We had just read a book on the changing seasons and the soltices so it was very fitting in our school this week. It was so bright and beautiful in the evening sky I wish I had a better camera to capture it.

On another note my hubby made it home safely. I am so glad to have him home. I'm so bad when he's gone sometimes it's worse than others. This time it was really hard on me I don't know why. I told him he couldn't ever die on me becuase my mental state would not be good. From the way I felt on Sat. and Sunday I can only imagine how it would feel if something happened to him. I wanted to just cry all day Sat. and Sunday I was a basketcase I pray the good Lord gives us many more years together. Makes me very grateful for my husband and when I think I don't like him very much or I'm really mad at him I'll remember how I felt last weekend.

Ok so here on a happy note is my conversation with Lucas on the way home from Choir and Drama yesterday.
Lucas, "Mom, there's this girl in both my drama, choir, science and Art class". She's really nice.
Mom, " that's nice"
Lucas, "She's really nice and really pretty and I have a crush on her".
Mom, just trying not to laugh cause it's so darn cute.
Lucas" what's funny mom"
Mom, nothing honey
Lucas " This girl is really nice and she's a Tom...Boy she's a lot better than the other girls because she doens't like horses and likes sports a lot like me. "Besides being cute and liking the same things as me she's really nice and were friends".
Mom: now I'm really trying not to laugh it was just so funny and so cute. I think it's his first real crush. He's told me before he has a crush on this girl but the way he said it was just so cute. He thinks all girls like horses a lot becuase it's all they talk about he says so this girl apparently likes sports better than funny..gotta love it.

Well we need to get some schoolwork done and then it's off to workout. Have a great week all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday goings on...

Here we are at the circus the other day. The clowns were quite a sight I think they were all old men but they were funny. As you can see Roman wasn't to impressed by them and was terrified of them but he did let me get a quick picture. We had a really good time we went with my cousin and her kids it was a lot of fun. But let me tell you the prices are outragous for "extras" there. They had elephant rides, camel rides, blowup things the kids could play in and face painting. The elephant rides were $8.00 and the camel rides were $6.00 we couldn't believe the prices needless to say I didn't pay $24.00 for my kids to ride the animals. But all in all it was a really fun time. My hubby comes home on Sunday ....yeah!!! I miss him a ton I can't wait for him to come home. Tonight I'm headed to Detroit for a friends birtday party so that will be fun although I'm not looking forward to the drive it will be a lot of fun to see friends i haven't seen for awhile. Well I must go and watch the NCAA tournament I'm such a nerd I love watching these games!! Happy weekend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Psalm 143:8

Here is a verse I came across yesterday in my Bible reading I thought it was just a beautiful verse to pray each morning to start the day:

"Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning: for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto Thee".

Sunshine o' Sunshine...

What a gorgeous day we had yesterday it was just spectacular. I thanked God for it at least a hundred times it was just awesome. The boys had choir and drama in the morning then we came home and did minimal school so we could just enjoy the day. We played basketball for a little bit then they came in to read and I went on a five mile run. I was so excited to finally be able to run outside I wanted to run further but decided it wouldn't be to smart to over do it on my first outdoor run. After I showered we headed off to the zoo I've included a photo of my boys standing in front of the still frozen pond. Then on the way home from the zoo we made one last stop to the park for a little bit so I'd say we enjoyed the day to the fullest. I kind of ran out of outside things to do we did cook up some hamburgs on the grill for dinner they were so yummy. After dinner Roman and I took a walk on our street he would hold my pinky finger and we just walked up and down it was so cute he wouldn't let go of my finger and just babbled the whole way up and down. I wish I had my video camera working it was so cute. My hubby is gone this week so the boys and I are doing a shorter week on schoolwork and trying to find fun things to do that don't cost a ton of money. Today were going to the circus we've only been once and that is when Lucas was 5 and Kaleb 2 so they don't remember it to much. We're all excited to go I have a coupon for half off kids for the morning show so it keeps it fairly resonable. Well we need to get math done before we head off to the circus. Have a great day!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Basement is done...

Woohoo!! It smells so good and fresh I love it. I decided that I better spring clean the basement while it's still cold outside. I do not want to be stuck cleaning a basement when it's warm and sunny out. So I cleaned out my back storage room and got rid of two more large black bags of trash and four large black bags for goodwill. I don't know where all this stuff comes from I clean out all the time and am constantly bringing things to goodwill. The clutter fairy must just deposit it in my basement when I'm not looking:) Then in my rec room I washed all the walls, organized the kids toys, dusted from floor to ceiling, and washed the carpet. My boys helped a lot in this room Kaleb helped me wash the walls and he thought it was so much fun..go figure. Lucas was actually upset he didn't get to help becuase he had to finish up a book report. I told him not to worry we had many more walls upstairs that will need washing. Then in the bedroom downstairs I washed the walls, dusted and cleaned the carpet. I'm done it feels so good now I can start upstairs. I think I'm going to do my kitchen next since it takes a long time to do but that's for another day. I'm pooped I'm going to workout at 4:00 so I better save some energy for that. The last thing to do is hang up a few pic's I've had laying around but I'll do that tomorrow I think. I need to get my hands on a stud finder my hubby can probably locate one for me. Well have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mid week drama...

ha ha so this morning hubby and I are watching the Today show and they have segment on it about cellulite. They were testing certain creams to see if they worked etc. I ask hubby how you get cellulite and his reply is "I don't know but you have it"...AHK I so do not! I go in the bathroom and look I don't see any and tell him so he laughs and says only when you run you do the impact hitting your muscle I can see it... Now he wasn't being mean at all this was all in good fun he was stretching behind me yesterday when I was run on the treadmill so he must've been looking then. All is well I couldn't find any so if it's just when I run ah well that's part of getting older I suppose but I will most definatly keep on running...hahahahahahha

Yesterday while running the lady from the daycare at the workout gym comes to get me and tells me Roman got hurt and is bleeding badly. So I run in and he's watching cartoons he turns around and just starts bawling again as he sees me..poor baby. Now is wasn't really that bad it looked a lot worse than it was. He was pushing a truck and slipped and took a nose dive he scraped his face up pretty bad and was getting a fat lip. I think all the blood came from his nose but all was well I was going to leave and come home and he started crying he wanted to stay and play with the toys and "tabub" aka Kaleb. He ended up being fine he did the same thing on Sat. there and came out with a fat lip he looks like he got in a fight it's kind of cute.

What a motivation for school work I told the kids I'd take them to the new workout facility this morning if they got all or most of their schoolwork done. They are working like beavers this place is suppose to be really nice I drove by the other day. It has a large slide going into the pool, a track and two gyms so it should be fun. Sure keeps the boys focused on schoolwork I should say that Kaleb will be done Lucas won't be. He had to read " The Swiss Family Robinson" the last two days and now he has to learn how to write a book report on it so we'll do that this afternoon.

My hubby is heading out of town for a golf trip next week so I think I'm really going to work on spring cleaning were suppose to hit almost 50 next week so I'm geeked and ready to clean clean clean. Happy Wed. everyone.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

spring cleaning

Well I must say that my sister in law inspired me today. She had gone through a bunch of her kids clothes yesterday so today I did the same thing..thank you Sharon!! I have been saving boys clothes for a long time and I had four huge bins of clothes and I got rid of everything except maybe 15 items. I saved a few things to try and sell on ebay but I brought all the rest to Goodwill I'm not into doing a garage sale nor do I have time so this way I figure I get my tax write off at least. I'm not a pack at at all I can't stand clutter so I'm constantly cleaning things out and getting rid of stuff. I don't buy much anymore so I suppose there will come a point in time when I'm not getting rid of things all the time. But for now I drop things off at good will at least every other month.

I started spring cleaning last week and got half of my basement done. Today I think I'll finish the other half it's not so bad since I just cleaned the back room out a few months ago. I'm such a nut but I love spring cleaning everything is so fresh and clean. The idea of just whipping open the windows and letting the fresh air in...ahhhh..I love it. Plus I really dig deep and clean I have a list I made up years ago and follow every year for my house. I know starting in March is a little early but that way I figure everything gets done before summer comes. Although it's still freezing here I can't whip open the windows I hope soon I can:)

On a side note both my boys got an A+ on their math tests today...woohoo!! I"m so proud of them they always do good at math but both to do so good I was quite pleased. I guess something of homeschooling is sinking in..:)